Is this the Ultimate Soundbar Killer? Expert Opinions Inside

DeliciousMidnight3 asked the subreddit community whether the Home click 5.4.4 soundbar could rival Sonos, Bose, or Sony. Let’s dive into the opinions!


  • AI in product names can create skepticism
  • Community wary of ‘AI powered’ claims
  • Potential for innovative room calibration

Let’s Dive In

Horse_Plane shared a concise ‘No again’ suggesting a sense of skepticism surrounding new products. GplusRadd humorously likened the tech to a knock-off Iron Man movie, highlighting the community’s tendency to be cautious of ‘AI’ claims.

Expert Opinions

Mark_Mikhail dismissed the product as ‘AI powered BS,’ while dwolfe127 hilariously suggested ignoring anything with ‘AI’ in the name. These comments showcase a prevailing sentiment against overuse of ‘AI’ as a marketing gimmick.

The Verdict

McGurky98 offered a more optimistic view, acknowledging the innovation in room calibration. The varied opinions highlight the community’s mix of skepticism and curiosity towards new soundbar technology.