Is This Vintage Audio Gear Really Worth $9000? Audiophiles Debate

This fellow in Calgary is looking to sell a piece of gear at $9000, igniting a debate among audiophiles on its worth.


  • Is the vintage audio gear really worth $9000 or are there better alternatives?
  • Audiophiles debate the functionality and value of the amp in question.
  • Some argue that the price is justified due to the rarity and quality of the gear.

Functionality vs. Price

Some users defend the $9000 price tag, highlighting the exceptional features and value of the vintage gear. They compare it to newer flagship integrated amps, emphasizing its unique qualities.

Market Value Debate

Others question the pricing, noting issues with the tuner and suggesting alternatives at lower costs. They argue that the price might not align with the functionality of the gear.

Collector’s Perspective

One user highlights the market for high-end vintage audio gear, drawing parallels to other luxury vintage items. They point out that finding the right buyer willing to pay the price is crucial in such markets.

Overall, the debate among audiophiles showcases the diverse opinions on vintage gear pricing and functionality. While some vouch for the uniqueness and quality of the gear, others question its value in comparison to modern alternatives. Whether the $9000 price tag is justified remains a subject of contention in the audiophile community.