Is Your Sound Setup a Comedy of Errors?

Ever thought of putting your speakers in odd places? Read what Reddit users have to say.


  • Speaker placement matters for optimal sound.
  • Ideally, use stands for uniform height and spacing.
  • Imaging and soundstage may suffer with unconventional setups.

Is This an Art Installation Gone Wrong?

Ardbert_The_Fallen contemplates placing speakers on a miniature case and a cabinet. While aiming for a wide sound range, the OCD dilemma of different speaker heights looms large. Will this quirky setup hit the right notes or fall flat?

Stands or Chaos?

spinningvinyl99 weighs in, recommending stands for a harmonious setup. From speaker height to spacing considerations, the goal is to enhance the audio experience. But could a casual ‘chuck em wherever’ approach work as well?

Minimalism or Madness?

sorbuss keeps it short and succinct – ‘pretty bad.’ Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to speaker placement. Will simplicity triumph over complexity?

Strategizing for Audio Success

klitzkrieg lays out a detailed plan, emphasizing LR positioning at ear level on stands. By rearranging the furniture layout, an ideal seating arrangement and improved room acoustics may be achieved. Will this meticulous strategy pay off in sonic bliss?