Kenwood KA-6004: Vintage Gem in the World of Sound Tech

Last night, a local estate sale led to an audio gem discovery that surpassed modern counterparts. The Kenwood KA-6004 from the 70s brought unexpected joy to a lucky audiophile. Find out more in the post from plarge81 on Reddit.


  • The Kenwood KA-6004 amp, a vintage find from an estate sale, outshines newer Sony receivers.
  • Community members commend the amp’s performance, labeling it highly regarded.
  • A user expresses initial excitement dampened by issues with the headphone jack; seeking repair suggestions.
  • Insights on the Vintage Kenwood KA-6004

    plarge81 stumbled upon the Kenwood KA-6004 at a local estate sale, packaged with albums and a bracelet. The amp, dating back to the early to mid-seventies, brought delightful surprises when plugged in.

    Community Response

    One user shared a manual link praising the high regard for the Kenwood KA-6004 in the audiophile community, validating plarge81’s fortunate find.

    User Experience

    Despite initial euphoria, plarge81 faces disappointment with a headphone jack issue, sparking a call for repair suggestions from the community to restore the device to its glory.

    Heartfelt Tokens

    Background-House9795 shares a heartwarming tale of receiving a Kenwood KA-6004 as a gift from their spouse, solidifying its status as a cherished audio relic.