Kii Audio vs. Devialet Active Speakers: A Battle of Sound Quality

If you’re an audiophile, you know the thrill of encountering new speakers. When it comes to Kii Audio and Devialet active speakers, the battle is fierce. Here are the details…


  • The Kii Audio 3s and Devialet phantom 103 impress with their size and sound quality
  • Kii outshines Devialet with its audio clarity, but at a higher price
  • Pure audio project trio 15 horns offer tough competition due to size and customization

Insane Audio Quality

Listener praises Kii Audio 3s and Devialet phantom 103 for their impressive performance and clarity

Fan of Open Baffles

User expresses interest in Kii Audio speakers for their open baffle design

Final Verdict

Choosing between Kii and Devialet active speakers is like picking between chocolate and vanilla ice cream – both excellent, but tailored to different tastes