LG C3 65 Inch: Sonos or LG SC9S? Honest Opinions Revealed!

Considering the best soundbar for your LG C3 65-inch TV? Let’s dive into the Reddit post!


  • The user seeks advice on choosing between Sonos Beam 2 and LG SC9S for their LG C3 soundbar.
  • LG soundbar recommended for compatibility with TV and future expandability.
  • User receives recommendations for Samsung 990C soundbar as an alternative.

Cheers for LG SC9S

One user suggests the LG soundbar, highlighting future speaker expandability and lack of information on Sonos.

Consider Samsung 990C

User recommends considering Samsung 990C for its eARC compatibility and superior sound quality compared to Sonos.

Brand Compatibility vs. Audio Quality

Debates arise between choosing a compatible LG soundbar over exploring superior audio quality from alternative brands like Samsung.