LG G4 TV with Samsung Q990C Soundbar: 4K@120 & Dolby Atmos Setup Guide

If you’re considering linking your LG G4 TV with a Samsung Q990C soundbar, this Reddit post explores the setup for 4K@120Hz and Dolby Atmos.


  • Connect PS5, PC, Xbox via HDMI 2.1 to LG G4 TV and Samsung Q990C soundbar via eArc for best results.
  • Some users experience audio delay with Dolby Atmos on consoles when going via eArc.
  • Choosing the Q990C over the Q990D might save you money without affecting audio quality significantly.

Zeduxx’s Insight

1. Zeduxx notes some users face Dolby Atmos audio delay on consoles via eArc but experience no delay with Q990D.

Underpantsio’s Thoughts

1. Underpantsio finds the Q990D price steep but believes the 990c could be a good alternative.

cristi5922’s Experience

1. cristi5922 confirms negligible audio latency with a similar setup on LG C1 and Q930C for PS5 Dolby Atmos gaming.

Bringing together LG G4 TV and Samsung Q990C soundbar provides an optimal setup for enjoying immersive 4K@120Hz gaming with Dolby Atmos sound. Choosing between models like Q990C and Q990D can depend on your budget and desired features. User experiences show that while some encounter audio delay with Dolby Atmos via eArc, others find seamless performance, highlighting the importance of personal setup exploration.