LG S75Q vs. Sony HT-S40R: Choosing the Best Soundbar for Your LG OLED

When Bright_System’s soundbar ‘died’ over the weekend, they turned to the r/soundbars community for advice on choosing between the LG S75Q or Sony HT-S40R as a replacement for their Samsung HW-H450 4.1 soundbar to connect to their LG OLED. Here’s a breakdown of the discussions:


  • The LG S75Q offers decent sound quality, but some users found voices hard to hear during movies.
  • Consider the LG if you have an LG TV for better compatibility.
  • Some users recommend the Samsung 990 for superior sound performance.

LG S75Q: Decent Sound, Potential Issue

Tomanysploicers shared their experience with the LG S75, mentioning that voices in movies were challenging to hear. Upgrading to the Samsung 990c provided a significant improvement in sound quality, though at a higher cost.

Sony HT-S40R: Compatibility Concerns

Pacwess advised choosing the LG S75Q if you have an LG TV, as it may offer better compatibility. They also raised questions about the additional box or hub required by the Sony HT-S40R, which could complicate setup for those aiming to minimize components.

Samsung 990: An Alternative Recommendation

Thelostboy86 praised the Samsung 990, suggesting it as a great option for soundbar seekers. This recommendation indicates that the Samsung models are worth considering for those looking to upgrade their audio experience.

When it comes to upgrading your sound setup, it’s essential to consider not only the sound quality but also the compatibility with your existing devices. The LG S75Q may offer decent performance, but if you value clear dialogue in movies, you might want to explore other options like the Samsung 990. Take into account your specific needs and preferences to make the best choice for your LG OLED setup.