LG S75Q vs. Sony HT-S40R: Which Soundbar Should You Buy?

When your soundbar ‘dies,’ decisions need to be made – LG S75Q or Sony HT-S40R for your LG OLED?


  • Upgrade to 990c for clearer voices if you’re into detailed movie watching.
  • For LG TV owners, sticking with an LG soundbar might be the way to go.
  • Samsung 990 soundbar receives high praise in the community.

Choosing the Right Soundbar

Deciding between the LG S75Q and Sony HT-S40R can be daunting, especially when upgrading from a Samsung HW-H450. Some users suggest going for the 990c for superior voice clarity during movies, although it comes at a higher price point. Others lean towards LG soundbars when paired with LG TVs for seamless integration and compatibility, advocating against additional components like what the Sony setup might require. The Samsung 990 also emerges as a popular choice among soundbar enthusiasts for its reputed performance.

User Experiences

tomanysploicers shared that while the LG S75 served them well, they found voices hard to hear during movies. Upgrading to the 990c made a significant difference, albeit with a higher cost. pacwess advised choosing LG if you already own an LG TV to streamline your setup, questioning the need for extra components with the Sony option. Thelostboy86 chimed in with praise for the Samsung 990, highlighting its exceptional performance in the soundbar realm.

Community Recommendations

Community sentiment seems to sway towards the LG soundbars for their compatibility with LG TVs and streamlined setup. The Sony option raises concerns over additional components impacting the simplicity of the soundbar experience. High praise for the Samsung 990 implies that it remains a strong contender in the soundbar market, winning over users with its performance and features.