LG S95QR Soundbar Review: Is It Worth $590?

Considering the pros and cons of the LG S95QR soundbar and its $590 price in Singapore…


  • The LG S95QR offers solid performance at its price point.
  • Comparing it to other models like the s990b can help gauge its value.
  • Modern features like HDMI e aec and Dolby support should be considered.

Value at $590

For Glittering_Web_348, the main concern is whether the LG S95QR justifies its $590 price tag in Singapore. Considering it’s an older LG flagship model, the soundbar still holds up well in terms of performance, but the question remains if there are better options available at a similar price point.

User Comparisons

Reddit user rutwikkiller advises comparing the S95QR with models like the s990b to understand its true value proposition. It’s crucial to assess if the soundbar offers the desired modern features such as HDMI e aec and Dolby support that align with the user’s preferences.

Affordable Alternatives

User Jan22222 shares their experience of purchasing the 990C for $509 in Thailand, highlighting the availability of affordable options in the market. DaveGodal suggests that while the S95QR is worth it, exploring alternatives like the Q990C at a similar price point could also be beneficial.

When investing in a soundbar, it’s essential to weigh the features, performance, and overall value it offers. The LG S95QR presents a compelling option at $590, but exploring similar-priced alternatives can provide a more comprehensive perspective on the best choice for your setup.