Macintosh vs. Luxman: The Ultimate Audiophile Showdown

Discover the heated debate between Macintosh and Luxman enthusiasts in the audiophile community.


  • Macintosh fans labeled as arrogant by Luxman audiophiles
  • Debate over designs and sound quality
  • Resale value and loyalty discussed
  • Impressions on the hi-end customer

Macintosh Fans vs. Luxman Enthusiasts

One user expressed disillusionment with Macintosh’s sound quality, praising Luxman as superior in performance and criticizing Macintosh fanboys as more concerned with aesthetics than music.

Debating Design and Sound

Comments varied from calling Macintosh’s design language “gaudy and putrescent” to defending the brand’s resale value and dedication of its customers to the product.

Resale Value and Loyalty

A comment highlighted Macintosh’s strong resale value and the loyalty of its owners, suggesting that those who experience McIntosh rarely settle for any other brand.

Impressions on the Hi-End Customer

There’s a debate on whether being an informed hi-end customer implies sophistication or mere influence from audiophile magazines without firsthand experience with Macintosh products.