Mounting Speaker Drivers Facing Up: A Terrible Idea or Creative Innovation?

Reddit user sketchreey sparked a debate on mounting speaker drivers facing up. Is this idea genius or total madness?


  • Vertical driver mounting: Innovative or impractical?
  • Will sound reflectivity be compromised?
  • Concerns about vibrations affecting performance
  • Debate on aesthetics versus functionality
  • Vertical Driver Placement

    Some users argued that mounting drivers vertically could impact sound quality due to compromised reflectivity.

    Vibrations and Performance

    Concerns were raised about potential vibrations affecting the speaker’s performance and overall sound quality.

    Aesthetics vs. Functionality

    Users debated whether the design was more about aesthetics or functionality, with some expressing concerns about practicality versus visual appeal.

    User quotes and perspectives provided a diverse range of opinions on this unconventional speaker setup idea.