Optimizing Rear Speaker Placement for Samsung Q990D Soundbars

Struggling to find the perfect spot for your rear speakers in a tricky setup with the Samsung Q990D soundbar? Let’s navigate this challenge together!


  • Optimal rear speaker placement can significantly enhance your audio experience with the Samsung Q990D.
  • Consider alternative positioning options if the traditional setup is not feasible.
  • Utilizing Samsung’s settings to adapt to your room’s layout can improve sound distribution.

Consider Surround Settings

While traditional rear speaker placement may not be possible, consider using Samsung’s settings to adjust the surrounds in the front of the room for improved audio immersion.

Alternative Positioning

Explore unconventional options like placing the rear speakers on the sides of the soundbar or closer to the seating area to optimize sound projection.

Room Acoustics Matter

Take into account the acoustics of your room and experiment with different placements to find the sweet spot for your rear speakers.