Optimizing TV Audio Quality with Your WiiM: A Sound Enthusiast’s Guide

Looking to elevate your TV audio experience with a WiiM? Dive into the wild world of audio enthusiasts and discover if this setup is a hit or miss for them!


  • Is the WiiM the secret to enhancing TV audio quality?
  • HDMI vs. Optical: Which connection yields the best results?
  • Exploring the DAC capabilities of the WiiM for TV audio.
  • Impacts of using the WiiM for multiroom audio.

Audio Enthusiasts’ Reactions

For many, the consensus seems to be that HDMI reigns supreme when it comes to transmitting TV audio, with more bandwidth and codec support than optical connections. One user pointed out, “HDMI has *way* more bandwidth than toslink and supports all current audio codecs.” However, some users highlighted the convenience and ease of use when routing TV audio through the WiiM, especially in vintage setups.

Enhancing Sound Quality

While some users argued that sticking with HDMI into the Yamaha receiver would be the better choice for audio quality, others found the WiiM’s DAC suitable for their TV audio needs. One user shared, “I run mine that way, since my stack is mostly vintage. I could run it to my DAC, but that means I need to get up to switch it manually.” The debate between HDMI and optical connections continues among audiophiles, each advocating for their preferred setup.

Multiroom Audio Capabilities

Users also discussed the potential of using the WiiM for multiroom audio functionality, allowing them to extend TV audio to other areas. The auto switching feature of the WiiM was praised by one user, mentioning, “The auto switching is much faster since the last update.” While this setup may limit the audio output to two channels, it presents a convenient solution for expanding audio throughout the home.

Exploring unconventional setups like running TV audio through a WiiM opens up new possibilities for enhancing your audio experience. Whether it’s through HDMI for optimal quality or leveraging the WiiM’s DAC capabilities for vintage setups, audio enthusiasts are constantly experimenting to find the perfect audio setup for their needs.