Playing TrueHD 7.1 on a S95D TV with a Q990D Soundbar: A Sound Dilemma

Unravel the mystery of playing TrueHD 7.1 on a S95D TV with a Q990D soundbar.


  • PLEX not passing through TrueHD content natively on TV.
  • Pass-through option greyed out with PLEX.

PLEX Dilemma

PLEX seems to struggle with passing through TrueHD content directly on the TV. It might be worth considering a streaming device like the Firestick 4K for optimal performance.

Audio Format Options

Exploring the TV audio settings can help in understanding the pass-through, Auto, and PCM options, which seem to vary when using different playback sources like PLEX.

Community Feedback

Users experiencing similar issues question the choice of playback device and share their own struggles with TrueHD playback. The inconsistency in soundbar info prompts adds to the confusion and prompts the need for adjustments.

LifeOfBrian86’s quest for clarity on TrueHD 7.1 playback highlights the challenges faced by many enthusiasts seeking optimal audio experiences. The dependence on pass-through options and the limitations with certain streaming platforms contribute to the ongoing debate within the audiophile community.