Polk Magnifi Mini Review: A Hidden Gem?

Touchit88 won an auction for $60 used shipped without remote, looking for a small soundbar for the bedroom, upgrading from TV speakers on an 8-year-old Samsung TV. Here’s what users on Reddit had to say about the Polk Magnifi Mini.


  • Polk Magnifi Mini is considered underrated due to lack of advertising compared to brands like Samsung and LG.
  • Users with Polk soundbars like the Magnifi 2 and Max AX are satisfied with the sound quality and upgrades.

User Sentiments

Many users praise Polk soundbars like the Magnifi Mini for their quality, mentioning they are often overlooked in favor of bigger brands. Some users emphasize the need for a remote to fully enjoy and control the soundbar, highlighting the importance of accessories in enhancing the user experience.

Value for Money

Members discuss the $60 price tag and debate its worth without the remote. While some feel it’s a bargain, others caution about the potential costs of acquiring a replacement remote, questioning if the total expense justifies the product.

Sound Quality

Comments on the sound quality of the Polk Magnifi Mini are positive, with users comparing it to higher-end models from the same brand and expressing satisfaction with the audio performance, particularly when upgrading from TV speakers.

Touchit88’s query sparked a lively discussion among Reddit users, shedding light on the hidden gem that is the Polk Magnifi Mini and its standing in the competitive soundbar market.