PS5 ATMOS Audio Output: Why Is It Wildly Loud Through the Q990C Soundbar?

Users discuss the overwhelming volume difference between PS5 Atmos audio and other media sources when using the Q990C Soundbar. Let’s dive into their experiences!


  • PS5 Atmos audio output much louder than Apple TV with Q990C Soundbar
  • Users find Dolby Audio on PS5 superior to Atmos
  • Troubleshooting includes checking settings with Samsung app and using night mode for balance

Overwhelming Volume

Many users, like tubularfool and venky61, have experienced the drastic volume difference between PS5 Atmos audio output and other devices like Apple TV when connected to the Q990C Soundbar. The disparity in volume levels has left users baffled, with some resorting to significantly lower volume settings on the Soundbar to avoid deafening themselves.

Dolby Audio Superiority

Comments from venky61 suggest that the Dolby Audio output on the PS5 might actually sound better than Atmos, especially in terms of surround sound quality. This preference for Dolby Audio raises questions about the true quality and performance of the Atmos feature on the PS5 when paired with soundbars like the Q990C.

Troubleshooting Tips

Dangerous_Sir_8458 offers some troubleshooting advice, recommending users to check their settings with the Samsung app and ensure proper channel configurations. They also mention that some games on the PS5 may not fully support the Atmos codec, leading to unexpectedly loud audio. Night mode is suggested as a solution for maintaining a more balanced audio experience.

As users continue to explore the capabilities of the PS5 and Q990C Soundbar combination, the discrepancy in audio output volumes remains a common issue. The allure of immersive audio experiences with technologies like Atmos may be overshadowed by the practical challenges of managing excessively loud sound levels. With the community sharing their insights and tips, users can navigate these audio quirks and enjoy optimal sound quality without rattling their homes or ears.