Q-Symphony Soundbar Calibration: On or Off?

Are you unsure whether to calibrate your soundbar with Q-Symphony on or off? Dive into the world of channel levels calibration with or without it enabled for the best results. Let’s explore!


  • Calibrating with Q-Symphony on ensures optimal performance
  • Channel levels may differ with or without Q-Symphony


When using features like Q-Symphony on your soundbar, calibrating with it enabled is recommended as it ensures the best performance. Users have reported varying channel levels when calibrating with or without Q-Symphony, leading to a debate on the optimal calibration method.


One user, OneSeatDown, suggests calibrating with Q-Symphony on for the most accurate results, highlighting the importance of utilizing the feature during calibration. On the other hand, Donga_Donga inquires about the activation process, indicating a curiosity among users regarding the calibration methods with Q-Symphony.