Q990c Soundbar Volume Issue: Troubleshooting Tips

Discover why users are experiencing low volume on the Q990c soundbar and how to fix it with these troubleshooting tips. Have you tried a factory reset? Users share their disappointment with the volume levels and atmosphere of the soundbar. Let’s dive into the insights!


  • Users report a sudden decrease in volume on the Q990c soundbar, with some experiencing low bass levels.
  • Some users find the rear sound levels disappointing in comparison to previous models.
  • Recommendations include trying a factory reset to address the volume issue.

Volume Discrepancy

Users have noticed a significant drop in volume on the Q990c soundbar, with one user mentioning that they used to be satisfied at level 15 but now struggle to hear at level 35. The sudden decrease in volume has left many users puzzled and seeking solutions.

Rear Sound Comparison

One user expressed disappointment in the rear sound levels of the Q990c, noting that while the previous model, 950a, had louder rears, the 990c falls short. The user mentions that despite the atmos feature, the rear sound remains soft, leading to an underwhelming experience.

Factory Reset Recommendation

Another user suggested trying a factory reset as a potential solution to the volume issue. This common troubleshooting step may help reset the soundbar to its default settings and address any software glitches causing the volume discrepancy.