Raw Milk Fans in Denial: Are They Milking the Wrong Idea?

Raw milk fans are in denial over H5N1 virus warnings, feeling immune to expert concerns despite the potential risk of fatality. There’s a split between critics mocking their choices and those expressing concern over public health. It’s a creamy drama unfolding in the tech world!


  • Raw milk fans dismiss expert warnings as fear mongering
  • Some argue that those who choose to drink raw milk should face the consequences
  • Others express concern over potential health risks posed to the public

Raw Milk Immunity Theories

Mark McAfee of the institute claims customers want H5N1-infected raw milk for perceived immunity, defying all logic and evidence.

Public Health Concern

Critics view raw milk enthusiasts as jeopardizing public health by potentially spreading H5N1 to others.

Raw Milk Cult

One commenter likens raw milk supporters to flat earthers, emphasizing their push for others to consume raw milk despite the risks. The topic continues to stir debates among tech enthusiasts.

It’s a cheesy situation with raw milk enthusiasts refusing to back down despite the warnings. The clash between perceived immunity and public health concerns adds a creamy flavor to the ongoing debate within the tech community.