Real-world Mileage Standard: Will 38mpg in 2031 be Ambitious Enough?

The Biden administration has set a new standard for vehicle mileage in 2031, but some skeptics question whether it’s ambitious enough.


  • Concerns over the impact on car and truck availability
  • Debate on the actual cost savings for car owners
  • Skepticism on potential exemptions for SUVs and trucks
  • Speculation on the future of the standards under different administrations

Impact on Vehicle Availability

One user pointed out the concern that stringent standards could lead to fewer vehicle options on the market. They highlighted the issue of separate standards for trucks and cars.

Cost Savings Debate

A user criticized the touted $600 savings over a car’s lifetime, questioning the significance of the amount compared to other expenses like insurance.

Exemption Speculation

Some users questioned whether SUVs and trucks would be exempt from the new standards, expressing doubts about the fairness of such exemptions.

Future Legislative Uncertainty

There were discussions about the longevity of the standards, with concerns raised over potential reversals by future administrations.

It’s clear that while the new mileage standard aims to be a step forward, there are lingering doubts about its impact and feasibility.