Rivian’s Updated Electric Pickup and SUV: Faster and Sleeker than Cybertruck?

This blog post dives into user opinions on Rivian’s updated electric pickup and SUV compared to the Cybertruck.


  • Users debate the necessity of speed vs. range in electric vehicles.
  • Design and functionality play a significant role in users’ preferences.
  • Rivian’s vehicles are praised for their aesthetics and practicality.

Faster Off-Road Challenge

One user scoffs at the idea of Rivian surpassing the Cybertruck’s off-road capabilities.

Speed vs. Range Dilemma

Some users question if increased speed is a priority for electric vehicle owners, emphasizing the importance of extended range.

Design and Functionality

Commenters highlight the sleek design and practicality of Rivian’s vehicles, appreciating their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The Rivian stands out as a credible alternative to the Cybertruck, offering speed, range, and a more appealing design.