Samsung Price Match Woes: A Customer’s Dilemma

A Samsung customer faces hurdles in securing a price match for their Q990C soundbar. The EPP discount discrepancy leaves them in a dilemma. Explore the community sentiments and advice below.


  • Customer denied price match due to EPP change
  • Suggested escalation for resolution
  • Debate on Q990C value at full price

Customer Service Challenges

A frustrated user detailed their experience with Samsung customer service, highlighting the denial due to exceeding the 14-day window. Despite the extended return period, the price match request faced rejection.

Community Support

Empathetic users recommended escalating the issue or speaking with a supervisor for a potential resolution. The lack of price match for an EPP discount was viewed as unfair, urging for exceptions.

Product Value Debate

Amidst the struggle, a user expressed that the Samsung Q990C’s quality justifies its full price, suggesting that the $50 discount, while desirable, shouldn’t deter one from making the purchase.