Samsung Q990D vs. Q990C: Making the $1386 Decision

Deciding between Samsung Q990D and Q990C at $1386 or $694 for a 77 C3 OLED TV has left the Reddit community in a dilemma.


  • The price difference between the two options raises questions about the necessity of new features.
  • Community suggests Q990C unless one truly needs HDMI 2.1 ports on the soundbar.
  • With a significant price gap, many lean towards the Q990C for cost-effectiveness.

In-Depth Insights

Deciding between the Samsung Q990D and Q990C models at such different price points for a 77 C3 OLED TV has stirred up a debate within the Reddit community. While the Q990D may boast newer features, users are questioning if these additions are truly essential for their setup. User CunningMuskrat advises opting for the Q990C unless HDMI 2.1 ports are a critical requirement, highlighting the practicality of sticking with the more affordable option.

Community Recommendations

According to user Jan22222, the substantial price discrepancy makes the Q990C a more attractive choice. The user i0nzeu5 echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that unless there is a compelling need for features beyond what the C3 TV already offers, the Q990C stands out as the preferred option.

Cost-Effectiveness vs. Features

User makegoodmovies draws attention to the similar sound quality between the two models, emphasizing the significant difference in pricing. On the other hand, user dontsubpoenamelol points out a promotional discount that further sweetens the deal for the Q990C, recommending users to explore potential savings before making a decision.