Samsung Soundbar Not Connecting to TV

Here in this article we will discuss Samsung Soundbar Not Connecting to TV.

Many users prefer to connect their Samsung Soundbar to TV. This is a good idea since it gives the feeling of conjunct sound and visuals. It adds to the experience and makes it more like a real theatre. Although sometimes you might face issues while doing this.

There can be a variety of reasons for your Samsung soundbar not connecting to the TV. This article will help you understand some easy ways by which you can try to fix this issue. If these ways do not work for you, then you might need a professional’s guidance.

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Why is Samsung Soundbar Not Connecting to the TV

It can be complicated to figure out the reason since there can be many. But there are some easy fixes available that work for most users. Most users face issues while connecting their soundbars via the SoundConnect feature and HDMI ARC. 

First, we will examine the steps you can take if the SoundConnect feature does not connect the soundbar to the TV. 

Samsung Soundbar not connecting to the TV via TV SoundConnect (SoundShare)

If you have a TV or Samsung soundbar from around 2018, you might still be using the SoundConnect feature on it. If this feature is causing issues in the connection, you can follow the given steps. 

Turn on the SoundConnect Feature on Your TV

  • To do this, you need to go over to the Settings menu of your TV. 
  • Select Sound.
  • From the list of setting options, select Speaker Settings
  • From the list of features, select TV SoundConnect
  • If your soundbar is disconnected at the moment, click on Add New Device and select the soundbar. 
  • Click on On

If you do not see the stated options in the settings menu, you can use the instructions manual to turn SoundConnect on and connect your soundbar to it. 

Make sure your TV’s speaker settings are set to TV SoundConnect

This is a commonly overlooked step, and you perhaps could not connect your soundbar to the tv because you did not apply this setting after you turned the tv on. 

Follow the given steps to change the speaker settings of your TV.

  • Follow the steps in the above section to come to the same menu where you see the SoundConnect option. There, you shall see an option for Speaker Settings. 
  • Change the settings to TV SoundConnect (SoundShare). 

Different Tv models could have this option in other places. You can use the instruction manual if the above steps do not apply to your model. 

Reset the Soundbar 

  • First, turn off the soundbar. 
  • Then long-press the Play/Pause button on it. 
  • You can leave the button when you see an INIT OK message. 
  • Turn the soundbar on and pair it to the TV

Once this process is done, check if it still is not connecting to the TV. Resetting the soundbar usually resolves the issue. 

Pair Soundbar with another Device

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, there might be a hardware issue with your soundbar. To confirm if your soundbar is causing the problem, pair it with another device. If it still does not connect and work, you might need to reach out for professional guidance. If the soundbar lies in its warranty period, then you can get it replaced as well. 

Pair your TV to other Bluetooth Devices

If your soundbar is not the one at fault, then you should check for your TV. Connect it to any other Bluetooth device and check if the issue persists. 

Samsung Soundbar Not Connecting to TV via HDMI 

If you are facing an issue while using the HDMI ARC port to connect the soundbar to the Tv, there are some things you can look into. 

Check the HDMI Cables

It would be best if you made sure the cables used are in good condition. Soundbar not connecting because of worn-out wires is a prevalent issue. Check all the cables carefully and replace them if you see any damage. If you have not replaced your cables in a long time, you should consider replacing them as well. 

Look into the Ports

Check if the cables are firmly connected to the ports. You can unplug them and then re-plug. Make sure the connections are secure. You might need to clean the docks if they have a lot of dust or impurities in them and then check if the issue persists.

Connect the Soundbar to another TV 

You can try to connect the soundbar to another TV with ARC. If it still does not connect, you can be sure that the soundbar has a hardware-related issue that needs a professional’s attention. 

To Sum It Up

Samsung soundbar not connecting to Tv is mainly caused due to issues in the SoundConnect feature or the HDMI wires. This article will help you troubleshoot both the causes and fix the problem. If these steps do not work for you, then you should contact a professional for more help.