Samsung TV Sound Quality: WiFi vs eArc Comparison

Endoky seeks advice on using WiFi over eArc for Samsung TV sound. Is it a hit or miss with Dolby Atmos?


  • WiFi vs eArc for Samsung TV sound quality
  • Potential downsides of not using eArc
  • Impact on Dolby Atmos compatibility

Audio Quality

OneSeatDown highlighted that audio over WiFi can be compressed, resulting in some loss in quality.

Q-Symphony Feature

If pairing with a Samsung TV, iloveowls23 pointed out that the Q-Symphony feature may not work when using WiFi.

Community Insights

The debate between WiFi and eArc for Samsung TV sound quality sparks varied opinions

Understanding the trade-offs and benefits of each solution is crucial for maximizing audio performance

Ultimately, the choice between WiFi and eArc depends on individual preferences and audio priorities.