Scored a Marantz 2270 on the Curb – Lucky Find!

A lucky stroll led to an amazing discovery, a Marantz 2270 waiting on the curb! LoopyDoopyScoopy’s encounter with a generous owner unfolds a treasure trove of audio equipment.


  • The thrill of stumbling upon quality audio gear unexpectedly
  • Generosity and luck intertwined in LoopyDoopyScoopy’s tale
  • Shared nostalgic finds in the comments showcase the audiophile community
  • The value of vintage audio equipment and the joy it brings

A Gift from the Curb

LoopyDoopyScoopy’s chance encounter with the Marantz 2270 is a testament to the serendipitous moments in an audiophile’s life. The excitement of finding a piece of audio history discarded, only to realize its full potential, is truly special. This story embodies the thrill of unexpected treasures and the generosity of fellow enthusiasts

Shared Memories

Comments like willzterman’s anecdote of a youthful kerbside B&O TV find add a layer of camaraderie to the post. The shared experiences of finding vintage gems resonate with many, highlighting the nostalgia and joy that come with such discoveries

Value Beyond Price

OK_Level_42’s mention of the market value of a Marantz 2238B serves as a reminder of the worth that vintage audio equipment holds. The sentimental and historical significance often outweighs the monetary value, adding to the allure of collecting and preserving classic gear