Sonos Arc in Europe: To Buy or Not to Buy at 600 Euros?

Is buying the Sonos Arc at 600 euros in Europe a good decision? Let’s dive into the discussion happening on Reddit!


  • Is the Sonos Arc a steal at 600 euros?
  • Considerations for a first-time soundbar buyer in Europe.
  • Comparing prices in Italy to online and local stores.

Users’ Concerns

Some users commented on the potential of disturbing neighbors with the Sonos Arc’s sound and ways to mitigate it, like using the nighttime mode that compresses sound levels.

Room Size & Compatibility

Considering the room size and the LG C3 65-inch TV, users deliberated on whether the Sonos Arc’s sound quality and price align with the setup.

Market Accessibility

The rarity of finding the Sonos Arc at a lower price in local stores in Italy raised questions on the brand’s recognition and pricing in the European market.

jonasbxl mentioned, “If you’re concerned about disturbing your neighbors, just keep the volume down – the sound will still be pretty good. We keep our Beam 2 at very low volume most of the time and I am still glad we have it.”