Sony’s Microsurgery Robot: A Corny Tale

Sony’s cutting-edge microsurgery robot recently gained attention on Reddit for its precision, sparking a cornucopia of reactions and jokes from users. We dived into the thread to uncover the sentiments and insights surrounding this innovative technology.


  • Users debate the capabilities of Sony’s microsurgery robot, with some questioning its autonomy.
  • Humor abounds as users crack jokes about corn surgeries and unforeseen consequences.
  • Comparisons are drawn to existing medical technology, highlighting the evolution of robotic surgery.


One user humorously commented, ‘They did surgery on a corn,’ highlighting the whimsical take on the robot’s capabilities and the mundane task it performed.

Another user raised a curious concern, ‘Is it going to require a PSN account in order to use?’ blending technology with a touch of gamer humor

One user jokingly pondered, ‘It’s all fun and games until the corn kernel gets the bill,’ adding a humorous twist to the discussion

Addressing the technology aspect, a user clarified, ‘Robots are not capable of doing this without human interaction… yet,’ shedding light on the current limitations of robotic surgery

Contrasting opinions surfaced, with one user noting, ‘This is not new technology or a leap in medical capabilities. Da Vinci robots have been doing this for almost 15 years,’ revealing insights into the comparative landscape of medical robotics