Sony’s PC Release of God of War: Ragnarok Sparks Controversy Among Gamers

Sony’s announcement to launch God of War: Ragnarok on PC in September has sparked mixed reactions from the gaming community.


  • PC players skeptical about Sony’s strategy to boost PS5 sales through PC releases.
  • Concerns raised about exclusives losing appeal and PS Plus pricing.
  • Some gamers willing to wait for PC releases rather than investing in PS5.

PC Players Skepticism

One Redditor expressed skepticism about PC players’ willingness to switch to PS5 just for a game, highlighting the reluctance to download additional launchers.

Loss of Exclusivity Appeal

Another user mentioned Sony’s exclusives failing to maintain their interest, coupled with unfavorable refund policies and increased PS Plus costs, leading to consideration of skipping the next-gen console.

Preference for PC Releases

A gamer shared they are content with waiting for PC releases even after the next-gen game launch, implying prioritizing PC over investing in a PS5.

The reactions depict a divide among gamers, with some seeing the PC release as a positive step for accessibility and others questioning its impact on PS5 sales.