Soundbar Showdown: LG S95QR vs JBL 1000 – Which is the Ultimate Orchestra for LG G3?

The hunt for the perfect soundbar for your LG G3 is on! Let’s check out the top contenders – LG S95QR and JBL 1000.


  • The LG S95QR boasts the Wow Orchestra feature for an immersive experience.
  • Users are torn between the LG S95QR and JBL 1000 based on sound quality preferences.
  • Some recommend the Samsung Q990C as a contender worth considering.

LG S95QR: The Wow Factor

Users rave about the LG S95QR’s Wow Orchestra feature, praising its game-changing immersive sound experience that syncs seamlessly with the TV.

JBL 1000: Bass or Bust?

For those seeking a bass-heavy sound experience, the JBL 1000 is a solid choice, catering to audiophiles who crave a powerful low end.

Samsung Q990C: The Dark Horse

Some users suggest exploring the Samsung Q990C as a hidden gem that offers flagship soundbar features at a competitive price point.

The quest for the ultimate soundbar for your LG G3 continues, with each contender vying for the top spot in the orchestra of audio excellence.