Soundbar VS Home Theatre – Which is Better?

Here in this article we will discuss Soundbar VS Home Theatre System. Without wasting your time lets start our comparison guide.

Televisions have undergone a significant change in technology in recent times, and the drastic shift can be seen in display technology and inbuilt speakers.

Most of the televisions nowadays do not come with inbuilt speakers because they are pretty slim. Therefore, they don’t have the area to have speakers because the entire sound experience can become highly average.

In short, when you watch an action-packed movie or listen to your favorite artist on the television, you won’t be able to have the similar kind of sound quality that you might get with the older television models.

Undoubtedly the new technologies incorporated in televisions have made them impressive, and you get an outstanding viewing experience and flattering images. Still, to get a similar sound experience, you will have to add an external sound system to your television.

Overview of the Article

The external audio system can improve the audio quality of your device immensely. Still, due to several different types of audio systems, it can be complicated and confusing for the users to decide which one is better.

There are many audio systems that you can buy to enhance the sound quality of television. However, this article will deal with the two most popular external audio systems: soundbars and home theatre.

Both the audio systems work very well, but the comparison between the two is unavoidable. Therefore, we have briefly compared the two audio systems, and we have included all the essential information you should know before making your purchase.

So let’s start with our comparison guide without any further ado.

Soundbars VS Home Theater System


The soundbar is one of the most popular external audio systems, which is sleek in size and offers an abundance of convenience. Since it does not occupy a lot of space, the setup around your television is minimal.

The audio quality of this device is also good, and either you can use them on their own or pair them with an external subwoofer for an extra impact. Subwoofers help you add more depth in the power and bass that are better than what soundbar produces without a subwoofer.

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Sound Quality and Placement

Most people believe that soundbars are equipped with a single speaker; therefore, they do not produce the level of sound that you expect from an audio system.

However, a single unit Soundbar has multiple speakers; therefore, it is one of the most efficient audio systems that can fit even in a small area.

You can conveniently mount a soundbar on your wall above or below the television without covering up too much space.

3D Sound Mode and Surround Sound

In the soundbar, you get surround-style audio quality. Even though this audio system cannot be placed around you like Bluetooth speakers, it still has different modes that can enhance the sound experience.

Expensive soundbars have a 3D sound mode, but the standard ones are equipped with surround sound in which the audio system will simulate the audio that will give a similar sound like speakers.


Since soundbars can be paired with subwoofers, the frequency and bass are also decent. Even nowadays, you can find wireless subwoofers for a neat setup.

Where Does Soundbar Lack?

The 3D sound mode feature is not available in lower and soundbars. Still, if you get a decent quality of this audio system, you can easily switch between different modes and enhance the experience.

The combination of almost all the audio modes, the 3D sound stage in the soundbar is not mesmerizing. Several people prefer to have a 3D sound experience, so you will be disappointed in that area if you plan to choose a soundbar.

Why Should You Choose Soundbar?

  • Soundbars are compact and portable. You can carry them anywhere you want. Without facing any hassle, you can upgrade your television’s audio by connecting it to the soundbar.
  • A standard soundbar does not require too much investment. You can buy a decent soundbar audio system at an affordable price.
  • In totality, soundbars are fantastic, and they deliver exceptional quality of sound. Still, the area where it lacks is the depth of the sound that you can get with home theatre speakers that we will be discussing further in a more detailed manner.
  • Most people like to listen to the sound from the direction of the television, for which soundbars are the best option as you generally place them below or above the television. There is no requirement of wire for setting up the soundbar with your device.


  • Convenient setting up process
  • Zero requirements of wires
  • Compact and sleek
  • Affordable price
  • Good sound quality as compared to television speakers.
  • Can be paired with subwoofers


  • The depth of sound is not very significant.
  • Average surround sound experience.

So these were the features and essential information about the soundbar but to have a proper understanding of the comparison, you must know the other side. So let’s take a look at some of the features and essential details about home theatre speakers.

Home Theater Speakers

Home theatre speakers are one of the oldest and traditional sets of audio systems that offer an outstanding surround sound setup for your home. The speakers come in a set along with multiple speakers that you can place all over your room.

Undoubtedly the name of this audio system is kept on “Movie Theatre,” so you get a very similar kind of sound quality and experience at your home. The audio coming from different angles enhances the overall user experience, and listeners get to feel and hear every little beat and sound.

Since every device has few drawbacks, home theatre speakers also have a few disadvantages, and the number one is the amount of space it takes.

The setup of this audio system is also a bit complicated; however, apart from these slight drawbacks, the features and benefits of home theatre speakers are too many that we will discuss ahead in this article.

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Surround Sound and Placement

Since home theatre speakers come with a set of speakers, you get the advantage of setting them as per your preference; as per the kind of surround sound you want, you can set home theatre speakers at 2, 5, 7, or 9 speaker sets.

The most popular setup is 5.1 and 7.1 channels: the Satellite Speakers that also come with a receiver. With these two channels, you can set three speakers in front and two in the back.

The placement is also convenient as you can place the speakers in whichever direction you want and get a theatre-style experience and enhanced surround sound that you cannot get with a soundbar at any cost.

Blu-Ray and DVD Player

Home theatre speakers also consist of DVD and Blu-ray players along with multiple speakers and receivers. So with the setup, you can conveniently watch the movies and the songs recorded explicitly for these players.

Most Blu-ray movies are recorded per the multi-channel audio format, allowing users to get a movie theatre-like experience on a home theatre system. As a result, the quality of sound in watching a movie or TV show is authentic and outstanding.

Where Does Home Theatre System Lack?

Even though a home theatre system offers precisely the kind of surround sound and sound experience that users want to have with an external audio system, the home theatre speakers are a bit messy when it comes to setup.

Indeed the customization of the setup is possible, but home theatre systems are most likely to involve a clutter of wires that will not give a minimal setup as the way you get with soundbars. Other than this minor drawback home theatre system can be the best choice for your external audio system.

With the home theatre system, your movie nights can become extremely popular among your family and friends. The kind of performance and experience you get from home theatre speakers will never make you shift to any other external audio system.


  • Outstanding surround sound experience.
  • Multiple speakers
  • You can select from different surround sound options from 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 as per the room size.
  • The setup is entirely customizable.


  • There is the involvement of a lot of wires.
  • The components of a home theatre system are a bit complex to set.

Which one to Choose: Soundbar or Home Theatre System?

If we get to choose between the soundbar and home theatre system, we will go for the home theatre system because it has better surround sound quality. With different setup channels, you get the leverage to decide which surround system you want to choose.

Yes, it has a complex setup procedure, but once it is done, you will be able to experience a movie theatre in the comfort of your home.

Soundbars are also a great choice of audio system if you want to have a minimal setup at an affordable price, but you will have to compromise on 3D sound quality and surround sound features.

Undoubtedly, the sound quality you get from the Soundbar is better than what you get from your TV speakers, but it is not better than a home theatre system.

Both the audio systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but in comparison, home theatre speakers have the upper hand with better sound quality and features.

Additional Important Information

Choosing an ideal external audio system is not an easy task. You have to keep in mind various factors and aspects whether you are looking for a perfect home theatre speaker, soundbar, or Bluetooth speaker.

Some of those critical aspects are sensitivity, power handling, and frequency response, and all of these aspects combine to form a powerful audio system for your home.

It is essential that you carefully analyze these factors before choosing between the soundbar and home theatre speaker.

The average frequency range of an audio system should be from 20 to 20000 Hz because the frequency lower than this will not give you a good listening experience.

If you have an audio system that does not have a high-frequency range, you can pair them with a subwoofer to optimize the sound quality and your overall sound experience.

Summing Up

Here, this article comes to an end, and we hope from this comparison guide you will be able to fulfill your quest for having a great audio system that offers a pleasant audio experience to you at your home.

Several brands provide numerous options in both soundbars and home theatre speakers. After thoroughly researching the background in all the factors, you can select whichever audio system works the best for you.

We tried to add every little necessary detail that you must know about soundbars and home theatre speakers that can choose between the two easier.