Soundbar VS Speakers for PC

Several people look to upgrade the audio system of their PC with the help of an external audio system. Two of the most popular external audio systems are the soundbar and speakers. Unfortunately, many people get confused about which audio system is better than the other for their PC.

To be clear, both the audio systems, audio bar, and speakers are efficient and good choices, but that doesn’t mean both of them fit every circumstance.

The ultimate choice between the two depends on various factors like design sound quality and your budget. This article will share a brief comparison guide between soundbars and speakers, and then you can decide which of the two audio systems is better for a PC.

The entire article is divided into two segments. The first segment will discuss everything about the soundbar, and the second one will share the details about speakers.

Soundbar VS Speakers for PC

Soundbars and speakers are designed for different purposes, so without wasting our time lets explain each one in detail. 

Soundbar for PC

Soundbars are generally used for television. They are long narrow speakers that you can place on the top of your tv or under it. Soundbars are considered one of the best audio systems if you want to have a realistic sound quality from the device.

Soundbars can be operated independently, for most of the models come with subwoofers for a better sound experience. This audio system has an internal amplifier that makes it the single ruler for good sound quality.

When you invest in soundbars, you don’t have to get other accessories. Therefore, it offers a minimalistic setup. You can conveniently connect soundbars to any system, whether it is television or your PC.

For connecting the soundbar with your PC, you have to use a standard 3.5mm jack and USB- C. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

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Features of Soundbars

In the following factors we will briefly discuss the features of soundbar.

  1. Sound Quality

When looking for an audio system, the only priority is the excellent sound quality you undoubtedly get in soundbars. This audio system is highly efficient if you want to enhance the full sound of your personal computer or any other device.

Since soundbars are equipped with inbuilt amplifiers and come with a separate subwoofer, you get an outstanding overall sound experience. Soundbars effectively separate mid-tones and bass, hands offering clear audio.

You don’t have to worry about vocals being compromised in the soundbar because the audio system takes care of everything and gives users a mesmerizing output.

  1. Design of Soundbars

One of the essential features of soundbars is their design, and to be honest, in terms of design, soundbars have the upper hand when compared with speakers. Soundbars have a long and sleek design that you can place near your PC on the top of the cabinet.

In terms of space, even a single soundbar can give an outstanding sound experience, and when you put it inside the cabinet, the sound echoes and enhances the overall performance of the audio system.

In addition, soundbars come with everything inbuilt, so you don’t have to add additional accessories for the system to it.

  1. Price

Price is another factor that plays an essential role in the comparison between soundbars and speakers. You can buy soundbars at an affordable price in the market—a standard soundbar costs around $100.

If you want to have a premium setup of a soundbar, you can increase your budget, but still, it will fall into an affordable category. If you want to have a great audio system for your PC at a cost-effective price, soundbars are a way to go without any second thought.

  1. User-friendly

Sound birds do not require too much effort for a setup which makes them user-friendly. To pluck them with your PC, you require a USB for the 3.5mm jack, and then you can start listening to your favorite music or watch a movie.

Some soundbars even have a Bluetooth feature that makes the connectivity process with the PC even simpler. For using soundbars, you don’t have to use multiple cables or wires, and it is straightforward to clean or change the position of the soundbars.

When Should You Use Soundbars?

Often the sound does not work well in larger rooms. Since in soundbars, the voice comes from a single direction, they are best for smaller spaces.

If you want to experience high-quality sound in a smaller room, soundbars are the best choice. However, if you wish to watch a movie, listen to music, and play games, soundbars can give you a realistic sound experience and great satisfaction.

Since soundbars have a minimalistic setup, they work well with PCs, and they have all the features you require in a great audio system.

So this was about sound. But, first, let’s take a look at some of the features of speakers and figure out whether or not they are suitable for PCs.

Speakers for PC

Several people widely use speakers for televisions and PCs, and the connection for speakers is similar to the soundbar via a 3.5mm jack.

When talking about speakers’ compatibility with PCs, we must remember that speakers render a diverse sound performance to the audience.

In terms of versatility, speakers are far better than soundbars as you can have a good sound experience of high and low frequencies on them. Let’s take a look at some of the features that speakers come with.

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Features of Speakers

The following factors will briefly discuss the features of computer speakers. 

  1. Sound Quality

As we stated above, speakers render high-quality sound to the users. Therefore, they are much better in terms of sound quality when compared with soundbars. Whether the sound is of low frequency or high frequency, you get to hear everything clearly without any disturbance.

When using speakers, you can also add an amplifier other than the one that comes built-in if you want to enhance the sound quality to the next level.

Speakers always work better when there is more than one because more speakers give you 3D sound effects as you can place them in different directions as per your preference. For an outstanding immersive experience, speakers work exceptionally well with PCs.

  1. Design

Now let’s talk about the design of speakers. As we stated before this, it is always better to have more than one speaker if you want to have an outstanding sound experience; speakers are not space friendly.

Undoubtedly, if you have more than one speaker, you can place them in different areas, but they’ll take up more space.

You can find speakers in different designs, shapes, and sizes and can decide which one suits you the best for you, but when compared with soundbars, speakers indeed have a drawback.

  1. Price

Indeed speakers provide outstanding sound quality when used with PCs, but they are more expensive than soundbars. Soundbars are cheap because even a single device can do its job in the best way.

However, speakers work the best when they are in more quantity, requiring you to invest more money in this audio system. A single speaker can be found at an affordable price, but you will have to buy more than one speaker if you have a large room, which can be costly.

  1. Versatility

One of the best features of speakers is their versatility. You can use speakers for various purposes, and for which purpose you use them, you do not feel disappointed.

You can connect your speakers to your PC for playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and for other purposes as well. You can place them in different directions and have an experience quite similar to the home theatre.

Several speakers have many connectivity options with which you can even connect musical instruments and several other devices that you cannot connect with soundbars.

  1. Extensive Power

Several people love to hear music at its maximum, which can be attained with speakers and not soundbars. Many speakers can produce the sound at over 120 W sound power, which is not healthy for your PC setup, but if you want to use it with your television, they can vibrate even your neighbors’ windows.

When Should You Use Speakers?

Speakers work well with PCs but the best situation to use them is in a large room. Since speakers can offer a full range of 3D effects of sound, it is always better to use them in a much larger space.

In a larger room, you get the experience of the authentic sound and maximum bass, which sometimes might be too much for a smaller room.

Final Say

Both soundbars and speakers can be used with species, and they both have their positive points and drawbacks. On the one hand, when soundbars are cheaper and do not require much space, their audio quality is lesser than what is offered by speakers.

On the other hand, speakers provide the best sound quality with significant amplification at different ranges; they are expensive and best suited for larger areas.

Therefore, if you want to spend less money on a good audio system, then a soundbar is the best choice for you. But, if the money is not a deciding factor in this comparison, getting a superior audio quality set of speakers will be the best.