Starke Sound SW10 Subwoofer: To Buy or Not to Buy?

A producer considering the Starke Sound SW10 subwoofer for $160 seeks advice. Find out what Reddit users have to say!


  • Reddit users recommend the SW10 subwoofer for its solid specs and tight, musical bass.
  • Sealed vs. ported box debate: Sealed for tight, focused bass; ported for booming volume.
  • Positive consensus among users to purchase the SW10 subwoofer.

Pros and Cons of the SW10

Reddit user izeek11 praises the SW10 specs, noting its tight and musical bass quality. However, users should consider their preference for flappy bass.

Sealed vs. Ported Debate

izeek11 clarifies the difference between sealed and ported boxes, emphasizing the importance of note attack and detail in bass preference.

Unanimous Approval

BobBonesJones83 succinctly supports the purchase of the SW10 subwoofer, echoing the positive sentiment among users.