Super Sad Q990C Problems: Is This Soundbar Really A Dud?

Just got my sound bar a few hours ago and like the title says, nonstop issues. Turning on and off, audio drops, crackling, repeating audio, and crashing. I’ve checked the latest firmware, but I think it’s a return. Which sucks doubly because it’s damn heavy. Is there any other solution or anything else I should try to make this work? When the Amazon person was dropping it off, they were practically throwing the thing up the steps, and I could hear them from 2 rooms away inside. So decently likely they busted the shit out of it.


  • Unboxing turned into a disaster with multiple issues from the start.
  • Users suggest checking firmware, resetting, and updating connections for potential fixes.
  • Quality of delivery service can impact the condition of the product upon arrival.

First Steps to Fix

Some Reddit users recommend checking the firmware and performing a reset as initial troubleshooting steps. These actions might help resolve common issues related to software glitches or initial setup problems.

Delivery Matters

The quality of the delivery service can significantly impact the condition of products upon arrival. Rough handling during transit could potentially damage delicate electronics like soundbars, leading to various operational issues.

Connection Optimization

Ensuring proper connections and using high-quality cables are crucial for optimal soundbar performance. Users advise connecting devices through the TV then to the soundbar to leverage the ARC/eARC functions for seamless audio transmission.

In conclusion, addressing the soundbar issues promptly, considering all troubleshooting options, and optimizing device connections can potentially resolve the problems and enhance the overall user experience with the Q990C soundbar.