Tesla Cybertruck Controversy: Fine Threatens Customer’s Resale Plans

Recent uproar in the tech world as Tesla threatens a customer with a $50,000 fine for attempting to sell his Cybertruck that doesn’t fit his new parking space. The incident has prompted heated discussions on the boundaries of customer rights and company policies.


  • Tesla shocks community with $50,000 fine threat to a customer.
  • Debate ensues on the extent of company authority over customer property.
  • Customers express disbelief and criticism of Tesla’s actions.

Responses to the Controversy

One user hilariously stated, “Tesla, breaking new grounds in customer satisfaction and spatial awareness!” highlighting the irony of the situation.

Customer Rights Debate

Another Reddit user questioned, “Since when do private companies have the right to hand out fines. Like, what the actual fuck,” expressing disbelief at Tesla’s actions.

Parking Space Checks

One user shared, “The first thing I do when I purchase a new car is to check that it will fit in my garage. Surely everyone does this?…or is it just me?” emphasizing the importance of checking such details before buying a vehicle.

Ownership & Resale Criticism

Another user criticized Tesla’s stance, saying, “Company trying to fine someone who wants to sell something they bought. 😂” reflecting on the absurdity of the situation.

Customer Ownership Rights

Questioning the limits of Tesla’s control, a user pondered, “He cannot sell his own car?” raising concerns over customer rights in relation to company policies.

Despite the debate, this incident sheds light on the complex relationship between customers and companies, sparking discussions on the boundaries of ownership and authority in today’s consumer market.