Tesla Discounts for European Fleet Buyers – Damage Control or PR Disaster?

Tesla’s recent decision to offer discounts to European fleet buyers has sparked a heated discussion on social media. Users are divided on whether this move is a smart strategy for damage control or a potential PR disaster.


  • Tesla faces criticism for discounting prices while making significant organizational changes
  • Users express skepticism over the impact of recent events on Tesla’s brand
  • Concerns arise over the sustainability of Tesla’s valuation

Tesla’s Damage Control

Tesla’s decision to offer discounts to European fleet buyers has been met with mixed reactions. While some see it as a necessary step to attract customers in a competitive market, others view it as a sign of desperation. The company’s recent restructuring, including the removal of service and charging team members, has raised eyebrows among consumers and investors alike. One Reddit user bluntly remarked, “Tesla’s idea of damage control is lowering prices while the CEO removes service and charging team members, two pillars that were essential for the brand to survive.”

Customer Perception

Comments on the Reddit thread highlight concerns about the impact of recent events on Tesla’s brand image. The controversy surrounding the Hertz deal, coupled with the reported employee purge, has left many potential buyers wary of investing in Tesla vehicles. One user expressed skepticism, stating, “No one’s going to buy a fleet of Teslas after what happened with Hertz and especially after the purge on top of that.” This sentiment reflects a growing sentiment of distrust among consumers towards the company.

Valuation Worries

Amidst the discussion on Tesla’s strategic moves, users also raised questions about the sustainability of the company’s valuation. Some users believe that Tesla’s stock price is inflated and disconnected from the company’s actual performance. One user humorously remarked, “can’t wait for the Tesla bubble to finally burst (or as it seems now, to deflate). Not that I am against the company, but the evaluation is just so far from reality it hurts.” This skepticism regarding Tesla’s valuation adds another layer of uncertainty to the ongoing debate.

The discourse surrounding Tesla’s recent actions highlights the complex interplay between business decisions, public perception, and market dynamics. As Tesla navigates through this turbulent period, the company faces the challenge of balancing short-term tactics with long-term sustainability. The reactions on social media platforms like Reddit offer valuable insights into the diverse perspectives on Tesla’s current trajectory, shaping the narrative surrounding this iconic automaker.