The Great Debate: Thinner iPhones vs. Bigger Batteries

In a world where smartphones keep getting thinner, one particular Reddit post on the potential of an ultra-thin iPhone coming in 2025 has sparked a heated debate among users.


  • Users are divided between wanting a thicker phone with a larger battery and embracing the ultra-thin design.
  • Some users express concerns about the fragility and durability of thinner devices.
  • Many users advocate for prioritizing battery life over slimness for practical daily use.

Thicker Is Better

“But I don’t want it to be thinner. Just give me a bigger battery,” one user pleads, echoing a sentiment shared by many in the thread. The desire for extended battery life seems to outweigh the appeal of a sleek design for these users.

Skepticism Towards Thinner Designs

“It’s been my experience with Apple stuff that the thinner it is, the more problems it has,” notes a user, expressing skepticism about the trade-offs involved in pursuing an ultra-thin form factor. Concerns about durability and functionality often come up in discussions about slim devices.

End of Smartphone Innovation?

One user reflects on the current state of smartphone innovation, suggesting that the industry seems to be making incremental changes rather than groundbreaking advancements. The debate over thickness versus battery size reflects a broader skepticism about the direction of smartphone development.

Final Thoughts

The discussion around the potential release of an ultra-thin iPhone in 2025 reflects the ongoing tension in the tech community between aesthetics and practicality. As users weigh the trade-offs between style and substance, Apple faces the challenge of meeting diverse consumer demands while maintaining its reputation for sleek design and cutting-edge technology.