The Great USB Cable Debate: Are Magic Cables Real or Just Snake Oil?

Are USB cables really magical? Let’s dive into Lachlan’s blind test results and the audiophile community’s fiery reactions.


  • USB cables: Snake oil or sound magic?
  • Community doubts Lachlan’s blind test methodology
  • Debate on science vs. perception in audio quality

Blind Tests Gone Wild

Some audiophiles argue that a digital signal is binary and cannot be affected by minor cable differences. This viewpoint often clashes with believers in high-end USB cables designed to enhance audio quality. The battle between science and subjective experience rages on!

The Lachlan Factor

Lachlan’s blind tests have polarized opinions in the community. While some appreciate his efforts, others criticize his test implementation and interpretation of the results. Is it all just a comedy show, or is there a deeper truth hidden in the cables?

Links and Lore

Curious readers explore the world of cargo cults and the parallels that can be drawn with the debate over USB cables. This rabbit hole of information offers a unique perspective on the mystical allure of audio gear and rituals.