The Grimest Indignity: Roku’s Motion Smoothing Woes Unleash a Storm of Frustration

Roku owners have been hit with a new problem related to motion smoothing, leading to frustration and discontent among users.


  • Users express surprise at Roku’s software oversight
  • Some users disconnect Roku in favor of other brands
  • Concerns raised about Roku’s company focus and product quality
  • Comparison drawn between cheap Smart TVs and Apple products

Insufficient Testing Leads to Frustration

Some users, like the_red_scimitar, express disbelief that a professional development team missed this issue during testing, highlighting potential performance trade-offs behind the feature

Disconnecting from Roku

pork_chop17 and 2000nesman share that they’ve switched to Apple TV and disconnected their Roku devices from the internet due to dissatisfaction

Company Values in Question

shortfinal criticizes Roku’s focus, narrating a story of lavish spending post layoffs, raising concerns about the company’s priorities

Frustration Amplified

Users like therationalpi worry about the impact of motion smoothing on specific content like animation, underlining the annoyance

Value vs. Cost

plymouthvan reflects on the trade-offs between cheap Smart TVs and higher-priced, smoother experiences like Apple products