The Spacetop G1: A Revolutionary AR Laptop without a Screen

Imagine a laptop without a screen, instead using AR glasses for a futuristic computing experience. Dive into the world of the Spacetop G1!


  • The Spacetop G1 introduces a unique concept of an AR laptop without a traditional screen.
  • Users express mixed feelings, with some seeing the potential of a headless laptop and others questioning the practicality and pricing.
  • Comparison to existing tech like VR headsets showcases the innovative approach of the Spacetop G1.

Advantages of the Spacetop G1

Some users see the benefits of the Spacetop G1, citing its lightweight design and integration of AR glasses for a different computing experience. A user named _Hotwire_ expresses enthusiasm, stating, “This looks a lot better than the VR headsets. Lightweight with a physical keyboard, I don’t know what else you’d want but this is right up my alley.”

Concerns about Practicality

However, concerns are raised regarding the practicality of the Spacetop G1. One user, OperatorJo_, criticizes the product, labeling it as a “glorified Chromebook with AR glasses” priced at $1900. The comment reflects skepticism towards the value proposition of the device.

Comparisons to Existing Technology

References to popular culture, such as the comparison to Snow Crash made by user yami76, highlight the futuristic aspect of the Spacetop G1. Drawing parallels to fictional works adds a layer of excitement and intrigue to the discussion.

Despite varying opinions, the Spacetop G1 sparks conversations about the future of computing and the integration of AR technology into everyday devices.