The Trump Campaign’s Deal with an Online ‘Propaganda’ Network Sparks Controversy

The Trump campaign recently struck a deal with Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), a controversial move that has sparked debates among online communities regarding media influence and propaganda.


  • RSBN blends Trump boosterism with traditional journalism, garnering a substantial online following.
  • The Trump campaign made significant payments to RSBN for rally footage, prompting scrutiny.
  • Viewers question the network’s impartiality and compare its practices to mainstream media outlets.

Debating Impartiality

RSBN’s overt support of Trump, coupled with direct financial ties to his campaign, raises concerns about journalistic integrity and impartiality. While some viewers appreciate the unfiltered access, others criticize the network for blurring the line between news and partisan advocacy.

Media Influence

The online community discusses the broader implications of RSBN’s collaboration with the Trump campaign, highlighting the power of media platforms in shaping public perception and political narratives. Questions arise about the responsibility of networks to maintain neutrality and offer balanced coverage.

Comparing Networks

Commenters draw parallels between RSBN and mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News, questioning the distinction between objective reporting and propaganda. The debate delves into the varying approaches to news delivery and the influence of corporate and political interests.

As discussions unfold on Reddit, contrasting perspectives emerge regarding the role of media in a politically charged landscape. The convergence of journalism and advocacy in platforms like RSBN prompts reflection on the evolving nature of news dissemination and its impact on public discourse.