The Truth About Oversizing Fuses for ‘Warm’ Sound in Audio Systems

Users discuss the recommendation to oversize fuses for a ‘warmer’ sound in audio systems, with one calling it criminal. Some suggest comical solutions like aligning fuses to magnetic north for better ‘musicality’.


  • Users mock the idea of oversizing fuses for better sound.
  • One user hopes for a lawsuit due to potential safety hazards.
  • Comical suggestions like stacking fuses are shared.

High Levels of BS

One user remarks on the high levels of misinformation surrounding oversizing fuses for a ‘warm’ sound in audio systems. They highlight the potential safety risks and legal consequences, calling it criminal.

Musicality through Magic

Another user humorously suggests aligning fuses to magnetic north for improved ‘musicality’, poking fun at the absurdity of the oversizing practice.

Stacking Fuses for Science

A user brings humor with a question about stacking two fuses for enhanced musicality, adding a playful twist to the discussion.

“What a fuse-tastical way to bring music to your ears – or burn your house down!”