TinyPod: Transforming Apple Watches into Minimalist Phones Inspired by iPods

Imagine a world where your Apple Watch transforms into a minimalist phone, reminiscent of the iconic iPod. TinyPod aims to make this a reality.


  • Turning Apple Watches into minimalist phones like iPods
  • Comparison to LunaTik case for iPod nano
  • Concerns about manual dial operation and quality
  • Mixed reactions from users
  • Sony Walkman Nostalgia

    Ah… so like an iPod touch? Love the full circle we’re heading in. At least Sony kept up with their Walkman range and didn’t kill it off like Apple and iPods. – Sun_Beams

    LunaTik Flashback

    Anyone else remember the LunaTik case for the iPod nano that turned it into a watch? – ghrayfahx

    Quality Concern

    The dial on the watch is going to be turned manually by the case. I don’t see this being some high-quality product at $90. – thedangerranger123

    Mixed Reactions

    Hmm no thanks! – HighInChurch