To Guard or Not to Guard: The Dynaudio Air 15 Tweeter Dilemma

When it comes to audio quality, every detail matters – even metal guards on tweeters! Let’s explore whether removing them can really make a difference.


  • Do the metal guards impact sound quality?
  • Are diffusers a better alternative?
  • Personal experiences shed light on the dilemma

Guarding the Sound

hey_its_meeee balances between curiosity and caution, considering the potential impact of removing the metal guards on the tweeters’ sound performance. Striking a delicate balance between experimentation and preserving the original design, the decision becomes a sonic gamble.

To Remove or Not to Remove

Carbonman_ provides a pragmatic perspective, suggesting that the metal guards may not significantly affect the sound or dispersion pattern of the tweeters. By contrasting the design elements of tweeters with diffusers, the debate leans towards practicality over perceived sonic enhancements.

Community Insights

Engaging in this discussion highlights the audiophile community’s attention to detail and willingness to explore unconventional tweaks for sonic improvements. Each perspective contributes to the collective knowledge pool, offering enthusiasts a spectrum of possibilities in pursuit of audio perfection.