To Recap or Buy New: The Audiophile Dilemma

Are you stuck between upgrading your vintage gear or splurging on something new? Let’s explore an audiophile’s dilemma.


  • Choosing between recapping or buying new gear can be a tough decision for audiophiles.
  • Upgrading vintage equipment with high-quality parts can enhance sound quality.
  • Newer standalone options like the Schiit Mani 2 offer convenience and modern features.

Recap vs. Buy New

Greyfixer prefers recapping, showcasing the allure of restoring vintage gear.

Personal Experience

Ak_doug shares the joy of recapping but acknowledges the convenience of modern options.

Expert Advice

Hifi-Cat recommends external upgrades for a better audio experience.

Pro Tips

Aabum advises a comprehensive recap augmented by transistor replacements for optimal performance.

Whether you choose nostalgia or innovation, the audiophile world offers a blend of tradition and technology. It’s all about finding the perfect harmony between the old and the new.