Top Soundbars Recommendations without Sub or Rear Speakers

A reddit user seeks soundbar recommendations without sub or rear speakers. Various recommendations are provided, from the premium Sonos ARC to budget-friendly options like the Samsung M7. Explore the pros and cons of standalone soundbars and those with optional subwoofers.


  • Consider the premium Sonos ARC for high-quality sound without a sub.
  • Explore budget-friendly options like the Samsung M7 or Sony A5000 for standalone solutions.
  • Some users recommend soundbars with the option to add a sub later, such as the Bose Smart Ultra soundbar.
  • Take into account your space constraints and budget when choosing a soundbar.

Pros and Cons of Standalone Soundbars

Many users praise the convenience and space-saving nature of standalone soundbars without the need for additional sub or rear speakers. The Sonos ARC is highlighted for its exceptional sound quality, making it a top choice for those prioritizing clarity and depth in their audio experience.

Optional Subwoofer Integration

On the other hand, some users prefer soundbars that offer the option to add a subwoofer later, such as the Bose Smart Ultra soundbar. This flexibility allows for an upgrade path while still enjoying solid bass performance from the standalone unit.

Space Constraints and Budget

Considering the space between your mantel and TV can also impact your soundbar choice. Soundbars with a low profile are recommended for placement on mantels, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing setup. Additionally, budget constraints play a significant role in selecting the right soundbar, with options ranging from premium models to more affordable choices like the Samsung M7.

The diverse recommendations from the reddit community showcase the range of soundbar options available for users looking to enhance their audio setup without the need for sub or rear speakers. Whether opting for a standalone solution like the Sony A5000 or investing in a premium offering like the Sonos ARC, finding the right balance between sound quality, features, and budget is key to a satisfying audio experience.