Toyota Recalls 102,000 Tundras and Lexus LXs for Engine Issues – What Are Drivers Saying?

Toyota’s recent recall of over 100,000 vehicles has caused a stir among car fans, with mixed opinions flooding online discussions. While some express concern over the impact of modern technologies on vehicles, others compare it to Tesla’s media coverage. Here’s a closer look at what members of the online community are saying about the issue.


  • Toyota recalls over 100,000 Tundras and Lexus LXs due to engine issues.
  • Some users express disappointment in modern car technologies.
  • Comparison made to Tesla’s recall and media coverage.

Toyota’s Recall

Toyota recently announced a recall affecting more than 100,000 Toyota Tundra and Lexus LX models. The recall specifically targets 2022-2023 models and a particular engine variant, raising concerns among vehicle owners.

Mixed Reactions

While some users voiced their worries regarding the impact of modern technologies on cars, others reminisced about the reliability of older vehicle models. The discussion contrasts the evolution of vehicle technology and its implications for drivers.

Tesla Comparison

One user drew a comparison between Toyota’s recall and Tesla’s recent issue with Cybertrucks. The user highlighted the differences in media coverage between the two incidents, sparking debates about the automotive industry.

Final Thoughts

The diverse reactions to Toyota’s recall underscore the passionate opinions within the car enthusiast community. From concerns about technology advancements to comparisons with other automakers, the discourse offers valuable insights into drivers’ perspectives on vehicle safety and reliability.