Troubleshooting Channel Level Issues on Q990D/Q995D Soundbar

Experiencing channel level issues on your Q990D/Q995D soundbar and struggling to make adjustments? Let’s dive into some troubleshooting tips shared by the community to help you get the perfect audio setup.


  • Ensure Dolby Atmos setup for Windows is correct
  • Check if Space Fit is ON/OFF for adjusting channel levels
  • Understanding the Issue

    Vel0Xx faced challenges adjusting channel levels on the Q990D/Q995D soundbar using the Dolby website’s test tone. Despite attempting changes through the app and remote control, no volume adjustments occurred for different channels.

    Creative Solutions from the Community

    cristi5922 suggested validating Dolby Atmos setup for Windows and browser capabilities for surround sound to resolve the issue. JackfruitRadiant7942 recommended toggling the Space Fit feature ON/OFF to potentially enable channel level adjustments.

    User Feedback and Experiences

    Members of the community shared their insights and experiences in troubleshooting channel level problems, emphasizing the importance of the correct setup for Dolby Atmos and exploring soundbar settings to identify potential solutions.