Ultimate Guide: Apple Music Lossless Setup Through TV DAC

Exploring the possibilities of achieving lossless Apple Music through a TV DAC setup.


  • Verify if Apple Music maintains lossless quality via TV DAC setup
  • Comments suggest limitations with 48 kHz audio
  • Consider using HDMI audio extractor for optimal sound quality
  • Understand the difference between lossless and bit-perfect

Lossless Audio Quality

Users discuss the challenges of maintaining true lossless quality through the TV DAC setup. While lossless should generally work, higher resolutions could face limitations

Optimal Audio Setups

Commenters recommend bypassing the TV and using the Apple TV’s direct optical port or exploring HDMI audio extractors to avoid potential resampling issues

Lossless vs. Bit-Perfect

The distinction between lossless and bit-perfect quality is acknowledged, with some users highlighting the potential audio processing that may impact the final sound output

Overall, the quest for achieving true lossless audio quality through a TV DAC setup unveils both challenges and considerations that audiophiles must navigate